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Market Leadership

Magellan offers you more power than anyone else in the industry to effectively manage the cost and quality of high-growth, high-risk and high-cost areas of health care. From market-leading data analytics to some of the industry's most thorough provider privileging standards and comprehensive suite of solutions, you can count on us as your trusted partner to drive optimal outcomes that emphasize both quality and affordability.

Comprehensive Suite of Medical Specialty Solutions

We offer flexible, data-driven medical specialty solutions, ranging from advanced imaging to cardiac and pain management. These solutions effectively and seamlessly manage high-growth and high-cost areas of healthcare - thus improving quality, safety and affordability. 

Unmatched Clinical Expertise

Clinical expertise is the cornerstone of a successful medical imaging management program. And at Magellan, you will find the industry's most experienced team of medical professionals, including board-certified physicians who are recognized experts in radiology, cardiology, oncology, and several other medical specialties.

Through extensive experience and ongoing clinical research, our team leverages our insights and resources to empower your business, your providers and your consumers by delivering informed choices, optimal outcomes and predictable results.

Market-Leading Data Analytics

Knowledge is power. With the industry's largest clinical and financial database of medical imaging encounters, we can identify trends and show you how to refine your products and services. Plus, our award-winning Customer Dashboard gives you access to real-time information, such as call center volume, how patients are being served and the effectiveness of your program.

Provider Privileging

Through our privileging system, we evaluate network providers to identify high-quality providers and determine the tests they are qualified to perform. But more than that, we conduct provider performance reviews to reinforce best practices and to help educate providers who are performing outside of those best practices. It's our way of empowering you, your providers and your consumers to make informed choices for optimal health care.

Consumer Awareness

By empowering your consumers to make informed decisions about their health, consumers become active partners in their health care experience, working along with you to ensure they receive the best possible care. From our consumer Web portal to our online radiation calculator, we're doing more than anyone in the industry to engage the consumer in their health care, and in doing so, we're improving outcomes, reducing costs, bolstering member satisfaction, and heightening patient safety by reducing unnecessary radiation exposure.

Add to all of that, we have has financial, technological and talent resources that other specialty benefits managers can't match.

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