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Clinical Expertise

As a pioneer and industry leader in clinical decision support, we bring nearly two decades of experience to each and every customer interaction. With the industry's most experienced clinical management team, we are uniquely qualified to optimize the quality and affordability for you, your plan members and providers.

When you partner with National Imaging Associates (NIA), you have the collective power of our team's unmatched professional and clinical expertise. Our team includes board-certified physicians who are recognized experts in the application of diagnostic imaging technology, along with a full staff covering a broad range of specialties. This expertise spans multiple areas of practice.

Unmatched Clinical Expertise

With unmatched clinical expertise, NIA's clinical team conducts ongoing research and stays on top of the latest techniques and technologies. From market-leading data analytics to the most thorough provider privileging standards in the field, our team works with you, your customers and providers to achieve the best health results for your dollars.
Our highly trained physicians, nurses and other health care professionals oversee our medical necessity review process to provide peer-to-peer advice and counsel and you'll find renowned radiology experts in key leadership positions at NIA.

Clinical Foundation

NIA was co-founded by physicians, all of specialists programs are developed in conjunction with radiologists and other physician specialists and we use physician-developed consensus, standards and evidence to provide decision support. As such, we continually advocate for greater use of evidence-based and consensus-based standards to oversee the practice of diagnostic imaging.
This foundation of clinical expertise has enabled us to become the industry leader in these important areas:

  • Data analytics. With the industry's largest clinical and financial database of imaging encounters, we can identify trends and show you how to refine your products and services. Plus, with our award-winning Customer Dashboard, you'll have access to timely information such as call center volume, how patients are being served - and the effectiveness of your program.
  • Provider privileging. Our pioneering privileging system evaluates member access to network providers, identifies high-quality providers and determines the tests they are qualified to perform. But more than that, we conduct provider performance reviews to reinforce best practices and help educate providers who are performing outside those best practices.
  • Radiation awareness. From our consumer Web portal to physician notification about patients' radiation exposure, we're doing more than anyone in the industry to prevent unsafe use of imaging services.
  • Peer-to-peer consultations. In cases where medical necessity review requests clinically indicate further consultation, physicians are transferred to one of NIA's expert board-certified radiologists or other specialists. No request is ever denied without a concerted effort by NIA physicians to discuss the matter with the referring physician in peer-to-peer dialogue.

This thought leadership is translated into clinical and operational best practices, as we partner with you to:

  • Provide consultative guidance. As your partner, we work with you to build flexible, effective and efficient solutions that fit your needs. We share programmatic design recommendations, plan design incentives and regional market data analytics in building the right approach. Our medical directors are available to your plan, whether it's a discussion of a specific case, emerging technology or health policy.
  • Achieve optimal results. From market-leading data analytics to the most thorough provider privileging standards in the field, we'll work with you and your customers to optimize quality and affordability.
  • Offer innovative solutions. We rapidly respond to a quickly changing marketplace, delivering innovative solutions to enhance your business.
  • Keep you informed. As a consultative partner, we conduct research and monitor industry trends to keep you informed and to keep your business ahead of the curve.
  • Engage your consumers. From our Consumer Portal to informational resources, we empower consumers to make informed decisions.
  • Consult with your providers. Through peer-to-peer consultation, our board-certified physicians develop training and tools for ordering and rendering physicians that helps to ensure top-quality medical imaging care.

In addition to our unmatched clinical expertise and industry-leading technology, we bring the experience of network design and maintenance accumulated over a decade.

Add more power to your business by partnering with the most experienced team in the industry. Contact us today.