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Clinical Guidelines

Clinical excellence serves as the foundation for the solutions we provide to our health plan customers, their providers, and consumers. Here at National Imaging Associates (NIA), we continually advocate for greater development of evidence-based standards to oversee the practice of diagnostic medical imaging and other medical specialties

Evidence-based radiology guidelines have been published by organizations, such as the American College of Radiology, since the early 1990s. Practicing medicine with a combination of evidence, technology and knowledge, provides the power to make consistent and medically sound decisions for each patient.

Our team of clinical experts publishes up-to-date, written guidelines that cover common reasons for requesting studies and procedures. These guidelines are applied to each patient's unique situation through our medical necessity review process.

The Basis for Clinical Guidelines

These evidence-based clinical guidelines are developed to provide physicians with access to industry best practices for informed decision-making that helps to ensure patients receive the right scan at the right time. Our guidelines are developed by board-certified physicians, and they are compiled using:

  • Input from practice experts
  • Peer-reviewed literature
  • Specialty criteria
  • Empirical data

Review of Clinical Guidelines

Clinical guidelines are reviewed at least annually by medical advisory committees, comprised of radiologists and other medical specialists who practice in academic and community settings. NIA's comprehensive, evidence-based guidelines are available to our customers and providers online at

Ongoing Provider Feedback

In addition to providing clinical guidelines for decision-making, we believe that providing referring and rendering providers with feedback for future decisions is equally important.

Through emerging research in the area of clinical practice measures, we codify clinical appropriateness guidelines and documented industry best practices into measures that can be computed from claims data to provide physicians with an objective assessment of performance.

For more information about the power of health care optimization, including our evidence-based guidelines, contact us at