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Educated and empowered consumers get the most out of their health care experience. When your members are engaged in the decision-making process - through education and awareness - unnecessary radiation exposure is lowered and health care costs are reduced. All of this adds up to a better overall health care experience.

At National Imaging Associates (NIA), we believe this proactive consumerism approach is of paramount importance, evidenced by the fact that we have done more than anyone else in the industry to empower consumers to use imaging services appropriately.

Here are a few examples of our unique efforts to educate, engage, and empower patients to understand so they can make informed decisions about their health care:

Consumer Portal

We are leading the way in providing easy-to-understand, easy-to-use cost and quality information through our state-of-the-art Consumer Portal. Through this portal, consumers can:

  • Learn more about radiation as well as its benefits and risks
  • Find out what to expect, what they should know and what questions they should ask
  • Search for  facilities, based on quality, convenience and cost
  • Review options to help them make decisions about what services they really need 

All of this happens behind the scenes because the Consumer Portal is transparently linked to your plan's consumer Web site.

Consumer Choice

Consumer Choice is an innovative facility site selection and scheduling program that assists consumers in choosing the best facility for their needs. The goals of this program include:

  • Increase success of cost-effective facility selection by engaging consumers in the facility decision-making process
  • Educate consumers on different facility choices and the potential financial cost variance between different types of facilities
  • Enhance consumers' health care experience by assisting in the selection of a facility that is convenient and by offering to schedule in-network services

Consumer Support

With NIA's consumer support and concierge services, your members will be empowered to make informed decisions. As part of these services, we provide consumers:

  • Facility selection/scheduling
  • Message center access
  • Consumer feedback
  • Customer service advocates
  • Image banking
  • Authorization status tracking

Consumer Education

In an effort to raise awareness, as well as benefits and risks, we provide ongoing consumer education, including:

  • Imaging health guides
  • Facility selection information
  • Radiation awareness information
  • Radiology library
  • Radiation exposure calculator
  • Consumer cost and quality resources

Our innovative consumerism approach not only fosters more prudent use of procedures and services, it also helps to promote the physician-patient relationship by encouraging dialogue between your consumers and their doctors.

For more information about how your members can benefit from the power of NIA's unique consumerism approach, contact us.