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Guaranteed Results

At National Imaging Associates (NIA), we have helped our customers achieve significant cost savings and quality improvements since 1995.

We do this by delivering a comprehensive health care optimization program, tailored to your unique needs, that impacts your bottom-line results and improves patient care. With a proven track record, our flexible full-service solution for managing advanced medical imaging, we typically achieve first-year net savings of 10-15% of your imaging expenditure.

Guaranteed Multi-Year Cost Savings

As a subsidiary of Magellan Health, we are one of the most financially stable companies in the industry. This strong balance sheet allows us to assume financial risk, providing you with guaranteed multi-year cost savings that produce the greatest return on your investment.

NIA Delivers Results

NIA's medical specialty solutions ranging from advanced imaging, to cardiac and pain management provide proven cost reductions and quality improvements with the smoothest implementation and on-going system administration in the industry.

eyo-calloutBy taking advantage of NIA's complete breadth of products and services, you have the opportunity to save $35M over three years*. NIA also offers your organization expertly executed implementation in 90-120 days, which has resulted in complete satisfaction among our clients. These solutions effectively improve health care quality and affordability for our health plan customers. Our clinical expertise, combined with data analytics, innovative technologies, and operational excellence make us the partner of choice in solving challenges across the health care spectrum.
*based on a previously managed 1.0M life plan with a basic RBM solution

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