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consumerKnowledge is power. And, as a health care consumer, you can find your power to make informed decisions about diagnostic medical imaging at National Imaging Associates (NIA). Our innovative approach works to educate, engage and empower you to understand the basics of diagnostic medical imaging so you can make informed decisions about your health care.

When you are empowered to make informed decisions, you become an active partner in your health care experience, working along with your physician to ensure that you receive the best possible care. And we are doing more than anyone in the industry to educate consumers about diagnostic imaging services. We offer you the power of:

  • Knowledge. Through easy-to-understand information about diagnostic imaging tests, radiation risks and benefits, and asking the right questions, we provide you with knowledge to make informed decisions about your health.  
  • Informed decisions. Armed with knowledge, you can work along with your physician to make informed decisions for the best possible care. And, through our innovative Consumer Choice program, we can assist you in selecting the best facility for your needs based on quality, location, cost-effectiveness and your benefit plan design. 
  • Participation. When you are actively engaged in the diagnostic imaging process, you can reduce your exposure to unnecessary radiation, while safeguarding your diagnostic imaging outcomes and reducing your out-of-pocket health care costs. All of this adds up to an optimal health care experience.

We do all of this to offer you peace of mind. Because there is power in knowing that you are receiving the right imaging procedure, at the right place and at the right time. More power to you.