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With powerful, state-of-the-art technology, National Imaging Associates (NIA) enhances the efficiency and accuracy of all stages of the management process. Our team of innovative experts continually works to balance the very best elements of technology without compromising the importance of dialogue in determining the best course of action action for each patient.

From our proprietary clinical algorithms to our efficient claims payment system, our technology powers flexible and innovative solutions for you as well as your providers and consumers. Some of the technology we use to optimize health care quality and affordability includes our: 

  • Clinical Algorithms
    When it comes to evaluating and authorizing services, our proprietary clinical algorithms (decision trees) are built on the industry's most comprehensive clinical database. Using these algorithms, we help speed the medical necessity review process while filtering each request through tried and true best practices for care.

    Our clinical algorithms are created, supported and monitored by a team of internal and external physicians, with reference to the latest medical literature. The algorithms are regularly reviewed and approved by local imaging advisory committees, health plan chief medical officers and local medical societies.
  • Customer Dashboard
    In 2008, NIA received an American Business "Stevie" Award for our user-friendly customer Web tool, known as the Customer Dashboard. The Dashboard gives you timely access to information, such as call center volume, how patients are being served and the effectiveness of your program.
  • Highly Acclaimed Call Center & RadMD
    With convenient access to our highly acclaimed call center and online provider portal,, we consistently and efficiently manage inquiry volumes and workloads to deliver excellent service. Our team uses the latest information technologies and clinical algorithms, making our phone and online medical necessity review process fast, accurate and resourceful.
  • Proprietary Software
    Our proprietary software supports our fast, accurate medical necessity review process. The software is powered by our evidence-based algorithms and enables NIA's Call Center staff to provide a quick decision for a physician's imaging order by collecting the critical patient medical history and treatment plan to evaluate the appropriateness of the test request.
  • Claims Payment System
    Our claims payment system is managed by a leadership team known for its expertise in establishing and maintaining efficient operations that consistently deliver high-quality service to our health plan customers, their providers and consumers. Through our claims payment system, we offer completely flexible claims processing tailored to your specific needs. We can integrate with your existing claims system or set up a separate adjudication process for imaging services.
  • Consumer Portal
    We're leading the way in providing easy-to-understand cost and quality information through our state-of-the-art consumer portal. Chock-full of important tools and information, consumers can use this portal to learn about radiation risks and benefits, search for imaging facilities and review options to help them make informed decisions about diagnostic imaging services.

    This easy-to-use resource seamlessly and transparently integrates with your Web site. 

Put NIA's industry-leading technology to work for your business, and let us provide the powerful tools you need to manage high-growth, high-cost and high-risk areas of health care. For more information about how our state-of-the-art technology can help you do just that, contact us.