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At Magellan Healthcare, we take a 360° approach to health care optimization - partnering with you, your health care providers and your members to provide industry leading medical specialty solutions. We have expanded beyond the traditional approach of radiology benefits management to offer a more comprehensive and collaborative approach and suite of solutions.

We offer you the power to control many of the fastest growing segments in health care expense, and do so with a clear focus on improving quality, safety, and affordability. Our job isn't to say "no" to care but rather to work with you to find ways to optimize the care your consumers receive. With this kind of balanced, comprehensive approach, everybody wins.

  • Get power from our flexible, innovative and data-driven medical specialty solutions to manage high-growth, high-cost areas of health care. With a variety of ways to deliver savings, you can bank on bottom-line results.
  • Experience the power of our efficient medical necessity review process. Our clinical experts deliver timely second opinions, utilizing physician-developed criteria and proprietary algorithms.
  • Gain powerful knowledge through our ongoing education. We deliver research-based, data-driven educational tools and resources to empower you, your providers and your members.
  • Flex your power with customer service that is focused on exceeding your expectations. Discover our flexibility, seamless integration, excellence in implementation, and our team of friendly experts who staff our award-winning call center and highly acclaimed online provider portal.

Since 1995, our health plan and government agency customers have counted on us for real results and quality outcomes - you can count on us too! This means medical specialty solutions that are flexibole and entirely focused on your specific needs.