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Getting Started

Getting started with us is smooth and hassle-free. You can be up and running with a fully customized solution within as few as 90-120 days, depending upon your business needs, the scope of your program, and your timing preferences. During each step of the process, our team works with you to implement a program that is built and tailored specifically for your organization.

Opportunity Assessment

As part of the planning process, we conduct a systematic review of the historical utilization, cost and delivery of diagnostic imaging services provided through your plan. This analysis, combined with information from our extensive database, allows us to assist you by developing strategies to improve the appropriateness and quality of imaging services, while eliminating unnecessary costs.

The opportunity assessment includes:

  • Analysis of historical provider practice patterns
  • Evaluation of the appropriateness and level of utilization offered to your members
  • Review of access to qualified providers
  • Claims auditing and correct coding assessment
  • Client-specific strategies to improve cost and quality, based on local health care delivery and regulations

Findings on each of the factors included in the opportunity assessment are compared with regional and national norms from other health plans. After identifying network issues and opportunities, we will provide you with recommendations regarding the value of our program, specific to your plan.

Assembling the Implementation Team

Once we have demonstrated the value of the program through the opportunity assessment process, we work with you as a business partner to assemble a core team of our experts along with key contacts from various departments within your company.

Our tenured implementation team brings to the table a broad base of expertise. With professional backgrounds ranging from clinical radiology and information technology to financial and project management, our extensive experience in implementing complex accounts ensures seamless integration with your systems. This is true whether your needs span across multiple states, lines of business, and member populations, or whether your needs are more localized. So you can rest assured that we have the resources, expertise, and breadth of resources necessary to handle your implementation and ongoing account management needs.

Information Gathering

After the team is assembled, we work with you to gather the information necessary to begin planning. This step of the process includes:

  • A two-day implementation workshop to dialogue in-depth with your team about specific needs as well as the nuances of your business and services
  • Identification of and discussions about your specific business rules, policies and processes
  • A detailed review of implementation steps, milestones and timelines

Technical & Logistical Considerations

To ensure seamless integration with your systems and operations, we work closely with you to:

  • Provide due diligence of client claims and information systems
  • Review and test data, including full member and provider files
  • Review telecommunications needs
  • Determine IT set-up and processes for claim, member and provider files
  • Determine processes for data transfer back to you
  • Review monthly and quarterly reporting formats

Implementation Plan

Following the implementation workshops, our teams have ample baseline information to fully develop a comprehensive and customized implementation plan. We will work collaboratively to:

  • Develop a strategic plan for efficient implementation and provider communications
  • Establish regular communication and project tracking structure
  • Prepare for the ongoing maintenance of your medical specialty needs

For more information about getting started with NIA, please contact us.