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Ongoing Education

ongoing-education-0313Knowledge is power. This is especially true when it comes to keeping up with rapid technological advancements and the ever-changing health care environment. That's why, at NIA, we place a high priority on ongoing education and awareness for the appropriate use of medical imaging and other services.

From our Consumer Web Portal to NIA’s innovative Radiation Calculator tool, we're promoting the appropriate, safe, and cost-effective use of imaging and other medical services through ongoing education and awareness. What's more, our team of leading industry experts is constantly researching trends and analyzing data to provide the latest information on today's best practices, while looking ahead to help you avoid tomorrow's problems.

Launched in 2011, NIA’s Radiation Calculator offers the following to consumers:

Ongoing education through NIA is research-based, data-driven, and draws from best practices. To enhance your business, deliver bottom-line results and improve the quality of care we offer in:

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