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Health Plan Education

NIA gives you the power to stay ahead of the curve by identifying trends and gathering data to enhance your business.As a health plan or government agency partner, you deserve the power to stay ahead of the curve. That's why NIA works along with you, as a consultative partner, to keep you informed and able to adapt quickly to the changing health care environment, for the benefit of your members, your provider network, and your bottom line.  By identifying trends and gathering data to enhance your business, NIA delivers bottom-line results.  This includes:

  • Trend Analysis: With the industry's largest clinical and financial database, we can identify trends and show you how to refine your solutions and services.
  • Customer Dashboard: Our award-winning Customer Dashboard provides you with access to real-time information, such as call center volume, how patients are being served and the effectiveness of your radiology benefits management program. 
  • Clinical White Papers: Our team of clinical experts prepares and circulates quarterly and ad hoc discussions of the dynamics of healhcare and medical services, including the latest research, clinical coverage issues, coding and payment as well as industry trends. These are made available to our customers' medical directors and their staff, as well as other interested parties. Additionally these white papers are posted and made available on this website. If you are interested in receiving these informational resources, please contact us at

To learn more about how partnering with NIA empowers your business, your providers and your members through ongoing education, contact us at