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Member Education

member-education-0313By educating your consumers about advanced medical imaging procedures and other services, as well as their benefits and risks, we empower them to take an active role in their health care. The following tools and resources allow consumers to make informed decisions about their care: 

  • Radiation Calculator:  this innovative, interactive tool can help consumers estimate their radiation exposure from medical tests. Consumers just enter the necessary information and then see how their results compare to other types of radiation exposure.  Just visit to try it today!
  • Consumer Portal: With a host of important tools and information about medical imaging/services benefits and risks, this portal offers members of your plan an easy-to-use resource that seamlessly integrates with your Web site. Users will find information about medical procedures, radiation awareness, helpful tips on what to expect, important questions to ask, as well as interactive tools. This includes the ability for your consumers to search for an imaging provider using their own customized criteria, including services available and projected out-of-pocket expense, along with location, hours of operation, parking availability, and other convenience-related items.
  • Facility Site Selection Support: Through our Consumer Choice program, we empower your members with support and concierge services to help them make informed decisions in selecting their preferred imaging facility, based on quality, convenience and affordability (including expected out-of-pocket costs).
  • Informational Resources: In an effort to raise consumer awareness about the benefits and risks of medical procedures, we routinely publish informational resources for consumers, including imaging health, radiation awareness, how to select an imaging facility, and cost and quality guides.

We respect the patient-physician relationship and don't recommend that patients second-guess their physicians in the diagnosis and management of their care. However, we do urge consumers to become more involved in their health care by learning about the reality of today's rapid advances health care and medical services and asking important questions to help guide informed decisions.

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