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Provider Education

provider-education-0313NIA has been training and partnering with with the provider community for nearly two decades. Our team of clinical leaders and board-certified physicians are thought leaders within the industry.  This offers both ordering and rendering providers access to the latest research, best practice guidelines and industry trends as part of a peer-to-peer consultative partnership.

We offer educational tools and training for providers who order and render our services, including: 

  • Best Practice Updates: NIA conducts ongoing research in the area of clinical effectiveness. We codify clinical appropriateness guidelines and documented industry best practices into measures that can be used to ensure the best possible patient care.
  • Provider Privileging System: Our provider privileging system educates physicians and reinforces the use of best practices.
  • Provider Feedback: Through a data-based review and feedback program, we share objective performance reviews, on a confidential basis, with individual providers to help them make informed decisions about their practices. All physician feedback is grounded in the latest evidence and consensus-based research, taking into account the established appropriateness guidelines as well as the provider's local community.

Tailored provider training programs and educational tools are offered prior to your program implementation and throughout the program relationship.

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